Age Pryor


Composer, performer, session musician, collaborator


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Jiwi's Machines - Soundtrack composed by Age Pryor
Trustpower TVC - featuring Age Pryor, Chris O'Connor, Emma Eden, Laughton Kora
Newsroom Promo 2018 - Music by Age Pryor
NZTA "Hello" - Vocals performed by Age Pryor
Eagle Vs Shark - I Don't Want by Age Pryor
Resene ColourDJ - a place that lets you do the unbelievable - hear colour." -
Pecking Order - Soundtrack composed by Tom Mcleod, guitars and banjo performed by Age Pryor
Kiwi Christmas - Soundtrack composed by Tom Mcleod, guitars, ukulele and mandolin performed by Age Pryor
Whitcoulls TV ad campaign - with the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra


We've Got The Time
We've Got The Time by Age Pryor
Colour DJ demo
Colour DJ demo by Age Pryor